Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer 08 The Return of all my favorites

The return of broken up bands continues. Slobberbone snuck on stage for 3 songs last month, Split Lip has a new album out, The Meat Purveyors are on a mini reunion tour, and now comes this news straight outta Killville.... Quoted from the militia newsletter with permission....

Just when things where starting to happen again in Killville, Angry goes and gets himself sick. Last week Angry was checked into the hospital with a huge appendix.
I'm sure there's a medical term for that, but either way it sucks. Doctor says Angry's going to be there for a while before they can cut em up and get that thing out, so he's more angry then usual.

If ya want to send Angry some whiskey, bullets or just a card
send em to:

Angry Johnny
PO box 1164
Easthampton MA 01027

or just send em an email at:

Like I was saying, things are starting to happen again in Killville.
A couple of shows have been booked in early September. however, we might have to move those shows due to the huge appendix.

The Killbillies line up this time around features Angry johnny, Sal Vega, Goatus t Ovenrude and the return of Slabs Theilman on the splinter bass.

I will update ya all about any future killbillies dates when we know what up with Angry's guts.

Update... Angry is out of the hospital but will need to go back to get the guts ripped out.

Here is a self portrait done by Angry as is posted over at Killville. Click on the pic to go there as well. Great site, great art, and still the scariest mother fucker in Americana to date.

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