Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greaserama 2008

I swear to god. One of these days Im going to have the money to do the shit I want. Here is another great and fun time, within driving distance of my hillbilly ass that I wont be able to attend. Damn me and my lack of fundage. Check it out:

Movie Schedule: Saturday- Two Lane Blacktop. The Wild One. Repo Man
Sunday- The Wild One. Repo Man. Two Lane Blacktop
(in that order)

here is the band schedule:
The Big Iron
The Tex Reys
Federation of Horsepower

car show starts at noon, bands will start at 1 or 2
The F-Holes ( trad. rockabilly/southern rock)
Black Tarantulas (garage rock)
Calamity Cubes (roots/blues/bluegrass)
The Tex Reys (garage rock)

doors open at noon, bands will start around 1 or so
Calamity Cubes
The Last Call Girls (honkytonk)
Cretin 66 (rock n MF'n roll)
The Throttlers (c*ck rock/ punk)

Here's SOME of the vendors coming this year:
Van Chase Studio
Cool Stuff
Chop Tops
Mid-town Bobbers
Voodoo Machine
B-Scott Studio
Midwest Scandal
Mac's Ratz
Full Throttle Mag
Ol' Skool Rodz Mag
Hometown Hotrods Mag
Accurate Performance
Please Me Boutique
Two-Stroke Hardcore
Cycles n More
Van Dyne Leather
Whiskey, Blaine Scott
The Coffee break BSA Troop 60, Blvd Drive-in Concession Stand, and some BBQ guy.
Lily's Greasy Gallery open from 2 til dark Sat and Sun.

Valve cover racing- some time between 2 and 5- with test and tune on Sat and the Big Race Sunday.
Awards will be right before dusk on Sunday- either after the last band, or right before their encore. Fabulous, handmade Greaserama Awards by the Punk Rods- with bonus artistic contributions by (most likely) Kevin Broderick of Fabrications Unlimited, Boneheads C.C., Knucklebusters C.C., KC Kustoms, The Spokesmen bike club, The Eddies bike club, KC slammers (model).
All car clubs, etc. are welcome to bring & give away a pick award. Represent!

Between 1st and 2nd movies- the unofficial, impromtu muffler rapping and flame throwing contest. Someone may even make a trophy for this, too.

We will play all three movies both nights. We have reversed the order so if you always fall asleep at the drive-in, like I do, the one you missed will be playing earlier the next night. That way, if you go to an early rock n roll show somewhere Saturday Night, you can still catch the late showing of Repo Man!

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