Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ramblin down that dirt path....

All right children, here we go. This is gonna be a lil different than I have put up but then again I am nothing if not "different".  I am medicated and not feeling how do you say, in my lane,  so bear with your humble host for a bit, ok?

In 98/99 I met up with some great folks who inspired me to start writing publicly instead of just shit I scribbled down and never showed anyone. How they got it out of me I have no clue but I thank them and curse them to this day.  Music writing is hard for me because I have such varied tastes. Some days I want to hear some archived recording from the depression era, ok well the first great depression anyway, and the next song I want to hear some old gangsta rap. I was always made fun of for this growing up but I have come to find some folks who are just like me, they like what they like, labels be damned.  My creative zen that I bought for work has done nothing but reinforced this opinion.  Jimmie Rodgers followed by some unnamed dirty south rapper/mash up, probably a dj skrew tape, and they both talk about and I quote "Triflin women" Im not crazy... its all the songs in my head that be fuckin with me.

But looking back on childhood, especially where I actually call home, this is not some new epiphany.  I have always made mixtapes, now cds of course, stuff that I liked, stuff that I found that probably wouldn't, in some cases, shouldn't of been heard in mixed company.  I was moving boxes around teh storage shed last weekend and found my old tape boxes. There is some scary shit in there.  Some day I will have my production studio back up and working and I will be happy to podcast this shit. Till then yall be safe, watch out for the hunters, and hold that one you love, you never know when you'll lose an arm.

damn that was depressing wasn't it.  Fuck me. I was trying to make a happy blog cause I'm happy... Sad songs make me happy.

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