Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Symptons... Its burning bad doc.

I done went and bought me one of them new fangled mp3 players for work and loaded it up with past episodes of It burns when I pee. 10 hrs of making oil drilling bits has never passed so quickly. I Highly recommend listening while you work if you have a blue collar job or a door on your office for you white collar pukes. You may get some sideways look and some talk behind your back but aint you already used to that?

The new episode should be posted 8.15.08 and I believe will finally have some content as well. check it out bitches.

update: 8.14.08 is now live and full of pretty pictures

Twang Aint Just A Guy Thang

Episode 18 of It Burns When I Pee

Release Date: Aug. 15th 2008

After listenting to last months episode I went and got inspired to start writing and post to grit to go again. Juft for the hell of it... I thought it would be fun to interview the evil master mind Blake Clayton. Heres the standard 5 in 15 hayride militia quickie interview that I emailed Blake recently. Blake's answers in bold.

1. Why? why the Name, why ever you want to call this music)

When I was deciding to start doing a podcast, It Burns When I Pee just popped into my head. Even before I knew what the show was going to be about. With thousands of podcast's all over the inter-net I thought that this name would stand out. I see now that naming the show It Burns When I Pee was just a hit of how the show would end up being like (the adult humor) that was never originally intended to be part of the show content. As for why alt-country, I felt like there needed to be a show that promoted all the great music that is out there that people don't get the chance to hear. Personally, I never knew about bands like Spilt Lip Rayfield, The Meat Purveyors, and so on, until I started posting on a few years back. I am so passionate about what we play on the show. I am hoping that even if two people hear a song by an artist and go check them out and buy a CD or something… then we did what we are hoping to do.

2. Where you come from/where do you go? (where did you grow up where do you see yourself in regards to music in say 5 yrs)

I was born and raised in Central Illinois. As for where do I see myself, the show, in 5 years… I would really like to see IBWIP be a "power house" where artists and fans come to check out great independent music. I hope that the show can find a full time sponsor and we can start to do a lot more interesting stuff. I'd like to see us do some video stuff, and have an interactive message board and such. I just want to see the show be a "house hold name" among the underground/alt music seen.

3. When is the next record, show, movie etc coming out?

We do one show a month. We have the release date schedule on our myspace page ( . We are hoping to start doing some bonus releases soon, but have nothing definite yet. We have the IBWIP Auction coming up on September 19th through October 3rd. We are super excited about the auction and are getting some really great donations to auction off.

4. What do you listen to on the road?

I listen to all kinds of stuff. We get a lot of bands that send us CD's and music files and we listen to all of them. If your asking for favorite bands I would have to say, Split Lip Rayfield, The Meat Purveyors, Hank 3, and I have been listening to The Big Jugs a lot lately too. There are too many bands to list for sure. The musical genrue as a whole is just outstanding and there are so many bands/artists that I am discovering while doing the show.

5 Who would you rather... Mother Maybell or The fat dixie chick. Splain

I must say that I am a fan of The Dixie Chicks. I think the "fat" Dixie, Natalie is a hot ass gal. She has an amazing voice and I would have to slap her in the face with all 3 inches I got. Seriously though, The Dixie Chicks have stood up for themselves both against their 1st label and have stood up for what they believe in. That is what the whole premises of the show is, pissing on the porch of Corporate Nashville. So the answer to the question is simple… I would take Natalie to Get Your Hank On Studio, click record, and put the hurtin on that hottie.

I will write more about IBWIP, The New Meat Purveyors and hopefully the New Split LIp Rayfield album soon as life stops getting in the damn way.....

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