Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Please Turn The Gas Back On

CenterPoint Energy :: Newsroom :: Operations News

CenterPoint Energy responds to natural gas outage

Houston March 21, 2006 CenterPoint Energy is responding to a natural gas outage affecting approximately 4,000 customers in Blackwell and Tonkawa, Oklahoma.

Just a few days ago was the start of spring. Here in Blackhell, OK, that means a cold front comes through; tornados to the south of me and snow to the north of me. It got down in the upper 20's last night and all this happens while the fine folks at Centerpoint Energy, the local natural gas distributor, drops service to 4,000+ customers here in Kay County. I had to take off work yesterday when the outage first took place so that I could drip the faucets so the pipes didn't burst. Now I am off again today as I wait for someone from the company to come out and restore our service and check for leaks. They expect to have everyone in Blackwell and Tonkawa restored within 2 days. In the mean time I have no heat, no hot water, and Tori took all the electric heaters when she moved back home to Iowa.

If I didn't know better, I would swear someone is sabotaging my life. I mean Tori and I just borke up after almost 3 years. We had grown apart ever since working together at Sykes and seemed like when ever we weren't at work we were fighting about work or someother just as trivial thing. I wish her nothing but the best and hope that she finds happiness, but because of the amount to debt I have acquireded in the past few years, I have no credit ('cept for bad credit), so I had to move back home for a while till I can get some debt paid off. I moved over there around March 6th and moved back over here this past weekend so I can work on the things that need to be done so I can get my deposit back when I get every thing out. Last night I had to pack up the shit and moved into the Holiday Inn for what were expecting at the time to be 2-3 days. I then hear on the news this morning that they will turn on the gas but only if an adult is present so that they can light the pilot lights. So off I move again. Thank god I was raised by truckers and spent the time that I did in the military cause if there is one thing that I do well, it is move on a moments notice and can pack all I need for a 2 week span in the cab of a truck.

So here I sit my hands are freezing as I try to type out this little rant, listening to....get this....Two Cow Garage's Please Turn The Gas Back On. I hope the centerpoint man can find the humor in that because all I can do at this point is laugh to keep from crying like a kid who lost his bike and all his tattoos were spelled wrong.

(thanks to Fred Friction & the Highway Matrons for that last line)

jared wayne
(now where the fuck did I put those gloves?)

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