Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Frederick's will be the death of me someday.

Well here it is, just under a month since the doors were closed and the last "Get the Fuck Out" was muttered, I begin my contemplation on how much I miss that little out of the way hole in the wall and how many true friends I made in that place.

From Paul who become my surrogate dad, to Fred that crazy uncle that I missed so much when I moved up there. To all the girls behind the bar; some of the strongest, most intelegent women I have ever known. Then we get to the regulars, "regulars" would be a misrepresntation. No one who came to Freds more than twice a week could be called "regular". For instance Tony and Chris. What a pair of crazy mofos. Met in that bar long ago and now work together and have for almost 4 years now. Mike Milano, crazy welder man that actually made me realize that I know more than I let myself take credit for. Dan the doorman, one of my favorite people that I met in that place early on. A counsler when I need one, even if I didnt ask for help from him. I could of and should of. The monday movie crowd. I started going down there because it was nice to just sit and watch a good movie with the ability to drink and smoke. Of all the people that I didnt expect to recognize me when I went back they were the first ones to say OMG what are you doing back? They were the ones that I missed the most and had no idea I did.

I saw and met many a great band over the years at freds. If Freds was nothing else it was a family. One of the most functionaly-disfunctional families I have ever seen, but if you drank there from time to time or you played on that little wooden stage you were part of the family. Many a time in my travels to see a band play I will walk up to them and say "Hey what did you think of Fred's." That line more than any other has gotten a band to say more than they really wanted to all in a matter of a few minutes.

Nothing compares to the impact of that little bar with a house attached on a busy street in south st louis on my desire make something of my life. I can honestly say that even if Fred's never gets replaced It will always be open. Open in the hearts, minds and attitudes of all who walked through that door and stayed just long enough to realize that places like this with people like that don't exist anymore.

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