Thursday, March 23, 2006

Please Turn The Gas Back On (part deux) - News - Gas Restored To 2,000 Customers

Still no heat, no hot water, and I have now lost 12 hours of pay and will probably of lost 28 hrs before I actually get my gas turned back on. This is complete and utter bullshit. How can you make an annoucment to the local media that if you want you gas back on, you must be home, when you know that there is no way that you will be able to restore service to 4000 customers in the time frame that you said it would be. When I took off work yesterday Im am greeted by my local access station saying that all service could be restored by midnight (22 Mar). I said to myself, "one day in the cold house isn't too bad." I wake up to an angry phone call from my mother at 8 am saying that the service will not be restored to the remaining customers for about 18 hours. That means that I wasted a day off yesterday and there is a pretty good chance that I will not have service returned until after midnight tonight.

When we called, as we were told to do by the local access station, we were told that they are working as fast as they can and you calling and bitching isn't helping. Of course that is not a direct quote but it is damn close. My mother, who has taken off as much time as I have and makes $3 more an hour than me, asked are you planning on reimbursing us for the time that we had to miss work since you told us to be home if we wanted service or we would have to wait until sometime next week to set up an appointment? Centerpoint Energy's response...."We are losing large amounts of money with this outage and the overtime we are paying out, and you expect us to reimburse you for your missed work?"

Worst customer service ever. Someone went and bought a truck load of electric heaters and was selling them for 20-50 bucks a pop. Centerpoint, if it had a brain in its head should of bought that guy out and made an annoucment that you can come get them if you bring a copy of your gas bill. A shelter has been set up but if you go and they come by to turn your gas on and your not at home you get moved to the bottom of the list.

Had they simply divided the town into sections (don't we already have dividing lines?....oh yeah FUCKING VOTING PRECINCTS; and went from section to section during a certain time then I would not be nearly as pissed. Its the simple fact that I have taken off this much time from work for nothing but cold hands and wasted electricity.

Fuck you you fucking fucks.

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