Thursday, March 23, 2006

Now its finally back on.

Well them good ole boys from centerpoint finally came by eariler this evening and lit the pilot lights. I was in the last 10% of Blackwell to get service back. They drove by 4 times in 20 min and I think my hollering at them trying to get them to stop and turn it on so I could go to work may of dropped me down the line.

When I hollered they stepped on the brakes, waved and then turned around, and drove right on by waving again as they turned just south of my house. I swear to god you give some people a little power and they pull shit like that. I would of been happy if they had stopped and said we are sorry but we have to get a few others on real quick and well come back. Just to know that they weren't just driving in circles for no reason would of been nice.

I do have problems with the hot water heater at the other house. Apparently it has a major leak so looks like I might not make it to work tommorrow either. Fuck it, I got my bills paid for next month already so I could really care less. More time to try and find a real job.

untill something else pisses me off.....
jared wayne

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