Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good times man, good times.

I have had one of the most fucked up 7 days I have had in a long time. First the gas gets shut off, (see the rants below), I miss all that work, an old friend came down for the weekend to help me move, my schedule finally changes to what I wanted all along but without notice and after I had already made plans to finish moving all my shit out of that other house. I am on the verge of being fired at this point with 9.5 points and I have turned in a temporary 2 week notice so If they try to fire me I can say I had already gave notice. Now I just have to find a job even if its only a temp job.

I have re-enrolled in college, applied for financial aid, and might get my old job back. I don't miss some parts of that job but I think It will be much easier to deal with the hours and stress now that I don't have someone bitching about how much I work. I truely believe that Tori played a big part in my anger and short temper while I was out there because when ever it got bad at work I couldn't go home and vent because her situation was worse. It was like a pissing contest and she never failed to win cause she would start to lose and decide to piss all over me. (Sorry for that nasty analogy)

I am almost totally moved out of the house I shared with Tori and Corny. I have a few clothes that need to come over here and I have to clean the house from top to bottom. I am off tomorrow and Friday so that should not be a problem. About one truckload of shit and about 4 hours of cleaning and I will be done with that part of my life. In a way I'm sad to see it go but more over I think I'm just glad to me getting on with the getting on.

While Tater was here, I was the happiest I have been in along time. It was a mere 48 hours of company but It was like we never were apart. We got back to talking about everything and anything, without stepping on each other to get a point across, and I don't think we fought once all weekend. I look forward to talking to her and hopefully we can figure a way out to make our friendship last without fucking up the good thing we have going now.

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