Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm back home...sorta.

Well here I sit in one of my many adopted hometowns, the gateway to the west St Louis Mo. I miss so many things when I am not here and always manage to find something I never new existed. Im staying in Arnold with a friend who will for the time being will remain anonymous. Most of you that actually read this will know who it is but don't judge please.

I'm relaxing and enjoying catching up with old friends, seeing what has changed, and just enjoying my self as much as physically possible. I don't have any real plans to do much more than relax and hang out. If you read this and want to catch up holler.

Some thing that I will shill while I'm here is the American Classic Barber shop over on Chippewa. As those of you that are from the STL metro may know Dave and Warren split from the shop on South Hampton and opened their own shop on Chippewa. A barber shop on old route 66 with the memorabilia and street cred that such a location requires and deserves. Cripper Dave cut my hair the way I liked and I barely had to tell him what I wanted almost 4 years after he cut it last. That is hard to find and well worth the 450 miles I drove for the cut. If your on that damned site check em out....

That is all for now. Pics and more ramblings sometime in the future.

jared wayne

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