Monday, February 20, 2006

Well...for those of you that have known me for any time at all know that I am a drinker. I am also a very loyal, almost to a fault, person who tends to go to the same places, see the same bands, and drink the same sour swill. Now I can't go back to the one place that I never felt out of place at....Frederick's Music Lounge in beautiful South Saint Louis. I could write for days about how much that little basement bar influnced the way that I deal with life, but I might get just a touch irriateble.

Bieng a bar, I spend large amounts of borrowed money in that place. Borrowed from that car I was always saving for, that big date I always planned on taking Tater on, and in more cases than one borrowed from which ever significant other happened to be around at that moment. I regret only one thing now that Fred's is becoming a Korean Nail salon: I didn't do more to keep myself happy while I was there, thus pissing everyone off around me. Now I'm somewhat happy and everyone around me seems miserable because of that.

You know....I never physcoanalized shit this much untill I didnt have a place like that dingy basement and friends like Fred, Paul, Trish, Chris, Tony, Dan, and Mike to take my mind off my problems.

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